Writing advice

    So there is soooo much writing advice out there. Between youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and all the other popular social media sites available today, it may be hard to decide which advice to use. The biggest and most off putting problem I have faced as a newbie writer with all the information available today is simply; What info do I use and what info do I cast in the trash bin in my mind? The best advice I can give newbie to newbie is this; WRITE. Just write. Forget all the information for now and forget all the systems and just write. I was harping so much on doing this and that correctly and taking notes on diffrent things about writing and publishing that I wasn’t getting any actual writing done. While alot of the tips have been helpful I have found it best to at least write my draft first, then look for ways to make it better. You aren’t going to learn to progress from your current situation if you do not apply yourself to actually try. The most important thing you can do as a writer is write. 


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