Hecate’s Rising

First partial draft

Hecate sat on her throne in the underworld looking positively bored. It was the same thing day in and day out. A few requests for love and money, nothing worth her time or effort. Mortals had no depth these days, and no values either. Easily willing to sell their soul for a roll in the sack with their favorite celebrity. It was disgustingly boring. Hecate missed the old days dearly, the blood and war, the passion, and the powers that everyone possessed and flaunted freely. No one had imagination these days or, so she thought.

Tilla sat in the lotus position in the middle of her bedroom encircled with tall white pillar candles that were all burning brightly. She could feel it this time, she could feel the Goddess listening to her, feeling herself connect with Hecate for real this time. Tilla had been practicing Wicca for over ten years now and this was a big breakthrough. Although she loved her religious practices, no matter the fact that she lived in a world where they were looked down on, she always hoped for something more. She hoped that powers really existed out there somewhere, powers that were something beyond even the most advanced science could explain. She dreamed of being able to float objects with just a swipe of her hand and will things to happen using just her mind. She wanted to mix potions that really cured things and more than anything she wanted to be powerful. Sitting with Hecate she let all these thoughts and wishes flow through her mind and put every ounce of energy a mere mortal could possess behind those wishes. Then the power pouring over her, pushing in on every cell in her body she could no longer take it and passed out as all the candles extinguished at once.

Hecate, upon hearing the child’s unique wishes, was intrigued. The world that she so longed for, that she envisioned all these years, was the exact visions rolling through this mortal’s mind. All at once a plan started to form. Perhaps she found this wish worthy of granting because she couldn’t help but think that this girl could be the key to getting back the would she so missed.


Erotic reading

For a while now I have been reading erotic on my kindle, which has started something. Not only have I progressed from kindle erotica to sexstories.com but my own sex life has improved. I have now taken to writing erotica and I have to say it absolutely makes me wet just writing a rough draft. I am in love with erotic fiction, all of it. I want to do some research and try to write and sell some erotic short fiction and hopefully so it well enough to inspire someone else. 

I was never much into romance novels. I was more into action and gore but I have to say erotic is where it’s at. There is nothing better than reading a good taboo story about someone fucking their babysitters brains out. Then you can roll over in bed and let your husband take care of your throbbing, drenched pussy for you. Erotica is life. 

Stay tuned to my blog for some truly wet and juicy short stories about tight pussies and hard dicks and fucking all night.