Erotic reading

For a while now I have been reading erotic on my kindle, which has started something. Not only have I progressed from kindle erotica to but my own sex life has improved. I have now taken to writing erotica and I have to say it absolutely makes me wet just writing a rough draft. I am in love with erotic fiction, all of it. I want to do some research and try to write and sell some erotic short fiction and hopefully so it well enough to inspire someone else. 

I was never much into romance novels. I was more into action and gore but I have to say erotic is where it’s at. There is nothing better than reading a good taboo story about someone fucking their babysitters brains out. Then you can roll over in bed and let your husband take care of your throbbing, drenched pussy for you. Erotica is life. 

Stay tuned to my blog for some truly wet and juicy short stories about tight pussies and hard dicks and fucking all night. 


Accidentally Erotic

The story I outlined earlier turned into a really hard core erotica. I learned that I really like writing erotica. I also know that erotic novels are really popular on amazon kindle. My question is can you get erotica published in print or only online? Also, with the millions of novels on Kindle, how do you make yours stand out from the start? How many of you read paranormal erotica? I am getting very involved in this and am begining to become very good at writing about sex. I have been very into studying wicca my whole life and also enjoy applying some of this into my fiction. In this particular novel I am working on now, the main character is a witch that gets visions of past lives with the same guy appearing every time. When she meets him in real life and it gets sexual, the visions get doen right dirty.