Why do I do this? 

Why do I do this to myself? I work so hard writing. I work all day and stay up half the night writing for weeks. Then, after weeks of determination, I just stop. I know that I need to write, I think about it often. I say to myself that I need to get up and write but I iust can’t seem to move my lazy ass off the bed. Maybe I am just burnt out. I have taken a break for about a week now and the call to start working on my novel again is screaming in my mind. It just so happens that after seven stright days of work that I finally get a day off tomorrow. I have some house work to get done but other than that I plan to write. I hope I can stick to the plan. 


Fear of what? 

The outline and the planning are both done. The fear of not being able to do it is rising. I can’t even seem to get it started. All that planning and plotting was a waste if a story is never born from it. Or is the story already born and now I am abandoning it as a child? This fear is incredibly asinine to me. Why is fear of completing something like this even legit? I shall try my best to overcome this mess. To be a writer is to overcome and ride it out alone I guess. All the books and studying can never actually prepare you to get the job done. The key is to keep at it and try my best. Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst as always. 

Meeting with the city

So i have a meeting with the communications manager of the city of auburndale florida. I am very excited. The basis of the meeting is to discuss why our city doesn’t have a newspaper. I believe that every city should have their own newspaper. It helps build a sense of togetherness in the community. I have never been involved in anything like this before and i am quiet nervous. Does anyone have any suggestions of points to bring up at this meeting? If so i would love to hear them all. Thank you for your time and i hope you follow.