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The Beginning of Death

This morning I woke up to the news that no one ever wants to hear. A good friend of ours was killed in a head-on collision with a semi-truck last night. He was driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic and died of his injuries at the scene. At this time I won’t say anything else about it because I care greatly about the family and don’t want to put anything out they wouldn’t like.

I will say that this got me thinking about a lot of things. It got all of my friends thinking about the shortness of life, about the important things in life. One thought, in particular, that has me in a tiff is the fact that this is the first death of many.

As all my readers know, I just turned thirty a few days ago and this milestone has me looking at life in a different way. A friends death at thirty just seems like it will be the first of many to come including my own. Think about it, when you get older either you will watch all of your friends die or you die. That’s a sad thought to have so early in life.

I can leave you with the thought that you never know when your time will come to part to the Summerland, so be sure to live every day like it’s your last.

A critical Response Essay: The Power of Positive Thining

Some people say the only way to treat depression is with the use of medication, therapy, or a combination of both. I believe the power of positive thinking can effectively treat depression without medication. The author of “Tim Gunn and the leaky shower; Welcome to my life, little guy”, Maggie Downs, is facing many problems in her life all at once and they are threatening to force her off the edge. She has a breakthrough during a breakdown that gives her an opportunity to choose the path of positive thinking and change her situation. In my opinion, positive thinking could be the key to bringing forth positive situations in your everyday life to help avoid becoming overwhelmed or even keep one from becoming depressed. “Tim Gunn and the leaky shower; Welcome to my Life, Little Guy” demonstrates the power of positive thinking and how it can change your life from negative to positive.



The author, Maggie Downs, tells the story of a new mother that life is not being kind to right now. She has problem after problem thrown her way, enough to make just about anyone have a breakdown and fall into a depressive state. Shortly after bringing her newborn son home, she finds a leak in her upstairs shower that will require extensive construction. The landlady hires the company with the lowest bid ensuring a drawn-out process. The construction has everything covered in dust and her asthma is flaring up. Her labor wounds are throbbing and causing her great pain. The desert heat is too much for her ancient air conditioner to keep up with and is unbearable inside the living room where she has moved her baby and herself for the remainder of the cursed construction. Her friends give useless advice to her and do not offer any real help such as a place for her family to stay. On top of her nearly unbearable situation is a cranky and crying newborn. I think all this negativity happening on top of hormones from just giving birth, she was starting to become overwhelmed and fall into a depressive state. She focused a lot on the negatives such as being hot, not being able to get the baby to sleep, and the lack of help from her friends and others. The sole focus is on the negative things going on made it to where she was surrounded with only negative thoughts.  I think this mixed with hormones and a lack of sleep pushed her over the edge causing her the need to escape. “As a means of escape, I turned on old episodes of “Project Runway” and jacked up the volume to drown out the crying and the hammering” (Downs, 2015). I would call this statement her breaking point, the point where she knew she could no longer take the overwhelming situation if she kept handling things in the same manner.


While losing herself in episode after episode of the show and attempting to console the baby she listens particularly to the host and his encouraging nature to the contestants. One piece of advice that Tim Gunn shared with a contestant was that he should go with his gut no matter the outcome. This really struck something with the author and I believe that is because she was a new mom and relying heavily on the advice of others instead of her own intuition.  The author’s husband is at work during the day leaving her to deal with the construction workers and the baby alone. I think because she is alone in this a lot of the time she is lacking the encouragement and support she needs to not focus all on the negative. She has a slight epiphany about the situation and realizes she needs this encouragement like the host, Tim Gunn, is providing his contestants. “I needed my own personal Tim Gunn who could inspire me to power through this mess” (Downs 2015). I think this occurrence was very beneficial to her mental state, it is the thought that I feel put some hope and positivity back into her life. It gave her the chance to choose positive above negative thoughts and learn to encourage herself rather than relying on others to do this for her.


The author visualizes Tim Gunn talking to the construction workers telling them basically to get it together and get the job done. She encourages herself to power through and the construction has finally come to an end. Another problem arises, her shower doors have a gap that needs to be fixed or it will leak again. Instead of choosing her normally negative approach of letting others deal with the problem, she chooses the positive route and finds her voice. The problem is fixed simply and quickly and she can move back into her room and get the crew out of her house. Some people may think that the power of positive thinking is not enough to change a situation but I think that is an inaccurate statement. Without the positivity of Tim Gunn, she may have not changed her negative thinking, is that not how mothers in the news came about murdering their children, during the process of a mental breakdown? I’m not saying I think this mother would do anything as drastic as hurting her child but she is in an abnormal mental state and experiencing high stress.


I think the essay “Tim Gunn and the Leaky Shower; Welcome to my Life, Little Guy” was a great example of what positive thinking can do to help you change negative into positive. The author was going through a difficult time and she was focusing on all the negatives in the situation when she learned to let positivity in she found her voice and got through without getting overwhelmed. Some say, “Critics of positive psychology research have argued that it is too simplistic to conclude that all people stand to benefit from these exercises” (Lazarus 2003). After reading this essay, do you think positive thinking alone can bring forth a positive change in situations? I do agree that it may not work for all cases but this case was a prime example of how it can work for some and proof of how it worked for the author.



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Turning Thirty

I am entering in the last six hours of my twenties. Tomorrow morning when I wake up it will be the start of a new decade of my life, a new chapter of my story. I never wrote a bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish by the time I turn thirty but the thought occurs to me now that it’s too late. So this is my declaration of age enlightenment. The thirties chapter will not be as boring as the twenties chapter proved to be. I have so many goals in life and not putting a date on them has made them less obtainable to me. While I am still working to accomplish the goals I have, I need to make more and put a time on them. In ten years when I hit the next chapter of my life, I want to be able to look back at today and see how far I have come. Here is to growing up and moving forward. Here is to thirty! Happy birthday to me.


The four kids I have had living with me for the past six months are gone. I  miss them so much. Especially the baby, little Eli. I just wanna hold him and smell his new baby smell. Even though I know I did what I had to do, I miss him. I feel like I gave my own baby up. I had him since he was two days old and I knew from the start I was just a foster home to them, but to me, Eli was so much more. He is a beautiful baby boy and he will be missed forever.

In school, I make really good grades. I have a 4.0 GPA and I work my ass off for it. I spend most of my writing time doing school work so I haven’t had much blog time lately. I love my blog and would still like to spend as much time as I can on it, but I think I want to focus it on a different subject. I think that is why I don’t have many followers, not because I don’t write well, but because I don’t write any certain genre. I just pour my heart into my writing and it becomes whatever it becomes. I am really into horror and slasher films but am not sure what to do with that obsession. I want to write my own horror movie one day I think. I have never even thought of writing screenplays but it seems more and more like an option every day.

My mother finally moved out and got her own place about a month ago. All the kids are gone as of five days ago. Joey and I let our nephew move in to help us out with the bills and fill the extra room. He is a good kid, pays his rent on time and all.

I am actively looking for a new job since the kids are gone and all. I would really like to keep it part time so I can still focus on school and my writing.

Is it weird that I love to write and I love words but I absolutely hate my first college English class? I feel like they want us to write about things that I just don’t care about. I know that there are a ton of kids in class that doesn’t even care about writing in general. Which I am glad about cause if we all wanted to be writers then how much harder would that make it be heard?

I have been watching a lot of Netflix in my spare time when I should be writing. I have fallen in love with the Scream T.V. series. I have always been a huge fan of the original movies but I thought the show was so stupid. Upon further investigation of the show, I absolutely adore it. It inspired me so much that I want to do so many things. One of the things it got me back to is my writing. It seems the times in between writing crazes is getting smaller and smaller. Maybe one day I will look back and shake my head at all the time I spent not writing. Time will only tell.

I apologize for the huge gush of word vomit I just created for you to scroll by. Take it easy, followers and future followers.

Hecate’s Rising

First partial draft

Hecate sat on her throne in the underworld looking positively bored. It was the same thing day in and day out. A few requests for love and money, nothing worth her time or effort. Mortals had no depth these days, and no values either. Easily willing to sell their soul for a roll in the sack with their favorite celebrity. It was disgustingly boring. Hecate missed the old days dearly, the blood and war, the passion, and the powers that everyone possessed and flaunted freely. No one had imagination these days or, so she thought.

Tilla sat in the lotus position in the middle of her bedroom encircled with tall white pillar candles that were all burning brightly. She could feel it this time, she could feel the Goddess listening to her, feeling herself connect with Hecate for real this time. Tilla had been practicing Wicca for over ten years now and this was a big breakthrough. Although she loved her religious practices, no matter the fact that she lived in a world where they were looked down on, she always hoped for something more. She hoped that powers really existed out there somewhere, powers that were something beyond even the most advanced science could explain. She dreamed of being able to float objects with just a swipe of her hand and will things to happen using just her mind. She wanted to mix potions that really cured things and more than anything she wanted to be powerful. Sitting with Hecate she let all these thoughts and wishes flow through her mind and put every ounce of energy a mere mortal could possess behind those wishes. Then the power pouring over her, pushing in on every cell in her body she could no longer take it and passed out as all the candles extinguished at once.

Hecate, upon hearing the child’s unique wishes, was intrigued. The world that she so longed for, that she envisioned all these years, was the exact visions rolling through this mortal’s mind. All at once a plan started to form. Perhaps she found this wish worthy of granting because she couldn’t help but think that this girl could be the key to getting back the would she so missed.

My take on the story: Free Spirits

“Free Spirits: A Legacy of Wildness” is the story of a young woman from the hills of Kentucky. Her community was full of self-sufficient people that did not rely on a lot of modern accommodations. As she puts it, ” All backwoods folks were poor by material standards; they knew how to make do” (Hooks, 2008, p.1). They accomplished this by growing their own produce and raising their own chickens and cows for food. They literally lived off the land in the most organic way. When she was of age she went off to college on the west coast, it was her first time experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city life. It was also the first time she was asked questions about her backwoods heritage. I think this made her reflect on her upbringing and in turn, made her miss the quite wildness of it versus the busy city life. The part of the SQ3R process that helped me the most with the summarizing section of the assignment is the reading part. It includes critically reading the text and tracking key points by highlighting or taking notes. This is a step I would normally skip over because I felt like I got all the information I needed by skimming the text.  I like to take notes on a separate piece of paper, so I have only one sheet to look over when I reach the review part. I also like taking notes better because I can organize the key points in my preferred method of bullet points.  

  Another aspect of the story is the beautiful lack of segregation within the community, the blacks and whites were all of the meager means, and all lived and were treated the same way. The folks within the community, the Appalachians, felt that they were above the law in the sense that their laws were more important than the laws provided by the government. The author states ” They saw themselves as renegades and rebels, folks who did not want to be hemmed in by rules and laws, folks that wanted to remain independent” (Hooks,2008, p.2). They basically lived with the notion of ‘If you don’t mess with us, we won’t mess with you’, when it came to their lifestyle choices. The part of the SQ3R that helped me with this section of the assignment is the questioning part. Making up questions to answer throughout the text gave me something to care about reading the text for, it gave me an interest in the contents. Questioning what I was reading helped me learn more about what the author’s main point of the text was as opposed to just reciting the words and memorizing the key points.  

I learned a lot from reading this particular story. I can find strong similarities between myself and the author. I too come from a poor community, though not as poor as hers, but still poverty-stricken in its own small-town way to some people’s standards. I have always dreamed of moving to a big city like New York City or Las Angeles and never looking back. This story really made me think about all the small-town things I would miss if I were to leave, things you really don’t think about until you don’t have them anymore. I would miss things in nature such as the smell of the fresh air and being able to see the stars through the clear night’s sky. You can always fly your family out to see you, but you can’t fly out nature and the sense of community and belonging that resides in a small-town.