Getting started

So I’m getting started on this new writing idea that I had. It is a fiction story based on loosely on the life events of a good friend of mine. It is in the genre of erotica and mystery. I hope to sell it but I don’t know alot about selling erotica. 

It sounds like erotica would be a large market. Everyone likes sex. I love reading a good book that gets me hot and makes me wanna touch my wetness. 

All the years I have been writing and I never thought I would want to publish anything that my grandmother wouldn’t approve of. Yet here I am at age 29 and all I can think about is writing female characters eating eachother delicacies.

As always thank you much for listening to my asinine ramblings. I hope to have a sample of my new project up for reading soon. 


Writing advice

    So there is soooo much writing advice out there. Between youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and all the other popular social media sites available today, it may be hard to decide which advice to use. The biggest and most off putting problem I have faced as a newbie writer with all the information available today is simply; What info do I use and what info do I cast in the trash bin in my mind? The best advice I can give newbie to newbie is this; WRITE. Just write. Forget all the information for now and forget all the systems and just write. I was harping so much on doing this and that correctly and taking notes on diffrent things about writing and publishing that I wasn’t getting any actual writing done. While alot of the tips have been helpful I have found it best to at least write my draft first, then look for ways to make it better. You aren’t going to learn to progress from your current situation if you do not apply yourself to actually try. The most important thing you can do as a writer is write. 

Hard work

Writing is such a hard thing to accomplish when your brain doesn’t want to corporate with you. I get so easily distracted lately that I barely get anything planned. I recently was laod off of work and decided to start a new project. My focus is better now that I am not working buy it still is lacking. Maybe the story I decided on wasn’t the one for me, but for now I’m gonna work on it any way. 

Here’s to all the people out there trying!!

Hope you all accomplish your goals!

Nothing interesting

Sorry for the length of time between posts. Absolutely nothing interesting has been happening at all. Just working the day job until my life finds the peace it so dearly wants. Studying my wicca at night, writing a few rituals and spells here and there. My absolutely favorite past time is spending time with my soul mate. 

I need some new topics to write about. If anyone out here is into wicca or any goddess based religion hit me up with a topic and i will write about it for ya. 

Out for tonight. Hopefully more to write about soon . 

Be happy with what you have. 

You should always be happy with what you have. There will always be something in your life that you dont like. There will always be people that you don’t like. You have to always look at the future and the past. Learn from your mistakes and make the future better. Never down what you have at home. It could always be worse. 

Getting somewhere

I started planning a novel yesterday and already have all 16 chapters outlined and I’m ready to write. I am excited to get a novel outlined all the way threw. Normally I give up on the story line half way through. Here is a short summary. 

Sage is a practicing wiccan that starts having visions. She decides to join a coven and meets a guy. He helps her explore he sexuality and her magic. Then things take a turn for the worst and people she loved turns out to be out to kill her. The only one who can help her is someone she only knows from her visions. Can she figure it out in time to save her own life? 

Anyway thats my rough plot of the story. It’s coming together quit nicely. If it turns out the way I hope then it may be the first title I try to publish. 

Here’s to hoping I can stick to it and get the story finished!!