So I get to work today and this girl, also named Ashley, says she has something for me. Turns out she had drawn me an amazing picture of Sailor Moon, from the anime. I normally dont post anything on here that has pictures or that is about a specific person. Here is to great art, a kind girl named Ashley and the best anime ever! 


Accidentally Erotic

The story I outlined earlier turned into a really hard core erotica. I learned that I really like writing erotica. I also know that erotic novels are really popular on amazon kindle. My question is can you get erotica published in print or only online? Also, with the millions of novels on Kindle, how do you make yours stand out from the start? How many of you read paranormal erotica? I am getting very involved in this and am begining to become very good at writing about sex. I have been very into studying wicca my whole life and also enjoy applying some of this into my fiction. In this particular novel I am working on now, the main character is a witch that gets visions of past lives with the same guy appearing every time. When she meets him in real life and it gets sexual, the visions get doen right dirty. 

Fear of what? 

The outline and the planning are both done. The fear of not being able to do it is rising. I can’t even seem to get it started. All that planning and plotting was a waste if a story is never born from it. Or is the story already born and now I am abandoning it as a child? This fear is incredibly asinine to me. Why is fear of completing something like this even legit? I shall try my best to overcome this mess. To be a writer is to overcome and ride it out alone I guess. All the books and studying can never actually prepare you to get the job done. The key is to keep at it and try my best. Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst as always. 

Getting somewhere

I started planning a novel yesterday and already have all 16 chapters outlined and I’m ready to write. I am excited to get a novel outlined all the way threw. Normally I give up on the story line half way through. Here is a short summary. 

Sage is a practicing wiccan that starts having visions. She decides to join a coven and meets a guy. He helps her explore he sexuality and her magic. Then things take a turn for the worst and people she loved turns out to be out to kill her. The only one who can help her is someone she only knows from her visions. Can she figure it out in time to save her own life? 

Anyway thats my rough plot of the story. It’s coming together quit nicely. If it turns out the way I hope then it may be the first title I try to publish. 

Here’s to hoping I can stick to it and get the story finished!! 

The Paleo Diet sample

Below is the sample I sent to the company that requested it, also on the subject they requested. 

The Paleo Diet

    The newly popularized diet craze known as The Paleo Diet is taking us back to the stone age of nutrition. The Paleo Diet is all about putting the right nutrients in your body to gain optimal health and strength, not portion control or calorie counts. The basis of this diet is to eat like our cavemen ancestors did eating only what they could hunt or gather themselves. 

    Meats , seafood and other animal products are a big part of this diet. According to Loren Cordain the author of ‘The Paleo Diet’ you should have a higher protein intake which should range from about 19 to 35 percent of your total daily intake. The kind of meat you are eating matters as well, you should not eat any processed meats of any kind. 

    Replacing sugary treats with fresh fruits is also a must. Fresh fruits and vegetables as opposed to canned ones provide a sweet substitute for your cravings while not spiking your blood sugar levels. A higher fiber intake without grains is also important. Non- starchy vegetables contain eight times more fiber than the whole grains we are eating now. 

    Lower sodium and higher potassium intakes will help your other organs such as your heart and kidneys to work better. Eating unprocessed, fresh foods is a must considering they contain up to ten times more potassium than sodium. High sodium levels and low potassium are both associated with high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. 

     Research in many different areas such has biology, dermatology and biochemistry have indicated that the rise in chronic illnesses are due largely to our modern diet of grains and processed foods. The Paleo Diet takes us back to a pre-agricultural dietary plan of eating pure. Following this diet can not only help you to lose weight but also give you energy and prevent chronic illnesses. 

True love still wins

This is a Twilight inspired poem. 

A true love arose from a place so green, who knew one day Bella would become his queen?

Her eyes are almonds of deep brown, most think she is too plain to wear the crown. 

He is most adored in this dreaded place, if only they knew what goes on behind his face. 

He has a great secret she must never tell, what if he doesn’t have a chance at heaven or hell? 

She promises with her heart that his secret will never be told. And she tells him that she can’t wait until the day her skin turns cold. 

With a bite at her neck, her new life soon begins. I guess even for a vampire, true love still wins.